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Who am I?

I light and love I will live,

in light and love I will exist,

in light and love I will give,

in light and love I will go through this wonderful life!

- Riri Starseed -

I wrote the above mantra myself and suddenly gives a very clear picture of how I am in life.

Every day when I get up, this mantra is the first thing I recite, with one hand on my stomach and the other above my heart.

It sets the intention that I choose my rewritten story every day and that I want to reach and help as many people as possible from light & love.

I thought it would be interesting to share my 'old story' and my 'new story' with you below.

On the one hand so that you can better estimate who I am and whether I can do something for you, on the other hand to confirm the power of rewriting your story. Because I am definitely the proof that you are looking for!

Since I stand for positivity, I start with the new story first. Above all, feel the energy and charge that both stories bring!



Image by AGL Fotos

My name is Riri Starseed .


I am a young enterprising woman, who is fully committed to her soul mission.

I understand that the following parts are part of this soul mission : spreading the word of unconditional love - sowing seeds for awakening & helping other starseeds wake up and guiding them in their personal path of awakening (so that they too can help others).

Now that I know this, I can't help but go for it and accomplish this with passion .

This gives me a lot of satisfaction and makes me very successful in this !

For this reason, the customers automatically come to me with their help request and I am so very grateful that I can help them during their process. I do this from my heart and in light & love.

I am the embodiment of unconditional love and thanks to my developed gifts I can reach and help many people on their path to their dream life . I see the switching points very quickly and can therefore bring about a change / transformation that works in depth.

I myself feel very safe here on earth and my hometown. I am continuously helped from all sides and at unexpected moments. As a result, concerns no longer belong to my person.

I spread light & love, so that I am no longer touched in my person / my ego.

My ego is no longer in control and has fully embraced its new function as connector & manifestator .

Thanks to the insight that by taking care of yourself, you can take better care of others, I have discovered that unconditional self-love is the key to everything.

That when you take good care of your temple (body) and you learn to decipher the language, suffering & pain no longer belong to life.

I am completely synchronized with my body, I understand the language it speaks and therefore I am able to heal myself (and others as well) completely.

Because I fully live for my soul mission and this from light & love, I can absolutely enjoy a life without nursing. May I enjoy the necessary luxury , which offers me comfort and pure freedom in all areas of my life.

Thanks to this I am also the mom I should be for my daughter & I have found peace in all my relationships with the people around me.

Without fear & without doubt I have reclaimed my throne within my kingdom !




When I experience this story I am in the years before 2017 (= the year in which I made the conscious choice to work on my self-love) and I also write it from that energy.

I am a young woman and mom who does everything for the other ! I am a mom - partner - daughter - girlfriend - colleague - member of society - ... in other words, a follower.

I do not know who I really am and I do not want to discover this on an unconscious & conscious level, because I fear that I will no longer be part of it.

I prefer to completely figure myself out , so that people don't focus too much on me.

A difficult childhood left a scar on me. A father's experience with narcissistic traits that made me verbally abused made me super insecure now. That I find myself very ugly. That I dare not stand up for myself. Completely in my shell, full of fear of being rejected again because if your father doesn't like you at all, who does this?

The moment the job search started, I have come to an annoying point in my life. Nothing seems to be the place for me. I am looking for a job in which I can just do what I like to do, without it being at the expense of myself & others.

I am constantly told that I am not good enough because of the wrong diploma or too little work experience. One rejection after another, one terrible workplace with unpleasant bosses after another.

Deliberately obtained a diploma for more opportunities, which is the opposite because I am now too highly educated to be able to count on support .

Completely with my back to the wall, literally & figuratively.

The combination of not being completely okay with my job search, heavy studies, housewife and from 2015 also being a mom has broken me mentally & physically .

From a young age I have been a care child on a physical level. An excess of antibiotics has severely attacked my immune system from an early age.

Allergies to almost everything, spatic colon (irritable bowel syndrome) that brought with it many uncomfortable & painful situations (and an awful lot of toilet visits), lyme disease at the age of 15 again broke into my immune system (without it because again mistakes have happened here by the doctors).


When I was 16 I was confronted with a hernia in the lower vertebrae, which suddenly forced me to accept my new reality from a super sporty person. Dancing is probably done, beautiful walks will be difficult and much more.

Incorrect treatment (again medical error) and poor follow-up brought me an over- stimulated pain system and fibromylalgia . Pain is now a daily presence and suffering will be part of the rest of my life.

2013 a hellish year, semi paralyzed living in the seat, succumbed to the pressure. A depression with a massive impact on my body.

However, I can count on little to no understanding of society and friends have also shown their true nature.

I feel lonely , misunderstood, hurt, anxious for the rest of my life, ooooh so alone.

Meanwhile discovered that I have been highly sensitive all my life, finally a diagnosis falls into place. Over-stimulation is a daily experience, but now I understand why.

2015 the year that a dream can finally come true, I can call myself the mother of a beautiful daughter. I am therefore committed to 200% and once again completely figure myself out .

Completely lost in the life that is expected, well-behaved. The so-called dream of everyone has come true, house - garden - animal - child is a fact !.

However, so unfortunate, because who am I? What is my purpose here? Do I sincerely have to go on like this all my life? Should I accept a life of suffering? How long will I be able to keep putting on my mask? Doesn't anyone see my request for help? I'm so on !

Several times during my young life, I long for home that I may leave this miserable life. That thanks to death , I can finally feel completely free again.

This is my story , a victim of fate - of the circumstances that happened to me - of the people who crossed my path.

Completely powerless , I accept my fate and every day I choose to put on the mask that is expected of me. I choose to spare them from my suffering because this only leads to frustration.


I myself care less about training & certificates and more about experiences. For this reason, I will first focus below on the areas in which I can help as an expert by experience.

However, I know that for many it is also important to have acquired a particular document, as proof of some knowledge and I understand that piece without a doubt. For me it is mainly about the combination. For this reason you can also find my followed courses below, which relate to what I offer.


- chronically ill & daily pain = now 80 - 90% pain free and cured

- broken family = divorce from parents

- newly composed family

- single mom

- unemployed & jobseeker

- living on a benefit = minimum living wages

- searching for meaning

- highly sensitive

- young entrepreneur

- found & exercise soul mission

- insecure & self-hatred = now self-love & self-confidence

- faithful

- starseed = starseed = higher self

- clairvoyant - clairvoyant (still developing clairvoyant and clairaudient)

- etc.


2019 Law of Attraction applied in your business @Kim Munnecom (inner circle online & Bali)

2019 Will be life and soul mission coach @aykohuis in Geel (given by Peter Grard)

= working with archetypes - setup work

2017 Reiki Master @Spirit of life (given by Ris Birayni)

2016 Reiki grade 2 @Spirit of life (given by Ris Birayni)

2015 Reiki grade 1 @droomwijzer (given by Katrien Meeusen)

2010 - 2014 Bachelor of Family Sciences @HUB (graduated with distinction)

2006 - 2009 Beautician & all kinds of specializations @syntra and @sivo

2006 Social Engineering Sciences

Over the years I have followed a number of extra courses that helped me to specialize even further & gain knowledge.

I am also sure that I will never graduate, because I am far too curious and eager to learn. I consciously use every extra that I can absorb to help my customers even better in their process afterwards.

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