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za 05 okt


Belgium ~ region Kempen

Cycle of attunement with Riri Starseed ~ English

Attune yourself with the Reiki New Earth frequency and allow yourself to be carried during 6 months.

Cycle of attunement with Riri Starseed ~ English
Cycle of attunement with Riri Starseed ~ English

Tijd en locatie

05 okt 2024, 10:00 – 16:00

Belgium ~ region Kempen

Over het evenement

Reiki New Earth ~the cycle of attunement

6 months inner journey

Sign up for a free Alignment call, if you have questions or restricting thoughts popping up.

During this special 6-month journey, Riri will explore your subconscious and the Universe with you. Within this cycle, thanks to each attunement (initiation), you will increasingly attune yourself to the higher frequencies of your soul and the frequencies of the new earth.

This total cycle of attunement consists of 4 phases:

1) Opening Up: in which we are introduced to the RNE energy for the first time and how we can tune into it. We work on your physical energy body, in which you both give and receive, and you are invited to trust your intuition on a deeper level.

2 Live days: october 05 & october 19, each from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Preliminary: 3 remote attunements, which are personally scheduled with Riri.

2) Wheel Of Consent: during this 3rd live day in which we use a very practical methodology to discuss, among other things: open heart communication, safety and trauma work from a New Earth perspective.

1 live day: november 16, 2024 10 am - 2 pm

3) Distraction of Illusion: This cycle requires a leap into the mental emotional energy body.

It is linked to breaking the 3D earthly rules and illusions to which this society is linked. Within this process you will learn how to bridge time & space. How to implement rapid growth within sufficient space and integration. You say goodbye to old conditioned beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve you. Receiving sacred symbols adds extra value and dimension.

2 live days: December 7 and January 11, 2024 each from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m

2 remote attunements via WhatsApp

4) Integration: this last month is a very important month, it's the month of integration! 

A 1:1 integration session of 2 hours will be inidividually booked with Riri. 

During the live days we will work on, among other things: constelation / family system setups, shadowwork, breath work, healing, essential oils; oracle cards; and so much more.

In addition to the 5 connecting Live days, each phase is supported by an extensive online portal including: in-depth wisdom described in a manual, workbooks with exercises, videos, meditations, etc. 

As a massive bonus, you will enter a growing community where you can connect with those who entered the path before or/and together with you. This community is a life long available for you. 

Your learning and integration process is stimulated in many ways during these 6 months, both during the live days, the initiations and the online platform. Experience is not necessary at all because we will take you all the way and there is plenty of room for integration and anchoring.

Experience and learn what it feels like to play, work and set in motion with Reiki New Earth energy.

Room for only 6 souls to enter. So make sure you don't wait to long. 

Reiki New Earth brings together all forms of working with life energy. Discover yourself and your inner Powers in a completely different way.

Energy exchange for this path amounts to €3333 incl. VAT.

Possibility to pay in installments 3 - 6 or 9 months (total amount of €3333 is excl. VAT).

Register in advance if you are interested and receive a free alignment call with Riri.


  • Cycle of attunement with Riri

    Pay in full and receive the 21% vat as a discount

    € 3.333,00
    Btw: btw inbegrepen
  • 3 month payment COA

    Pay over 3 months = €3333 + 21% = €4032,93

    € 1.344,31
    Btw: btw inbegrepen
  • 6 month payment COA

    Pay over 6 months = €3333 + 21% = €4032,93

    € 672,16
    Btw: btw inbegrepen
  • 9 month payment COA

    Pay over 9 months = €3333 + 21% = €4032,93

    € 448,10
    Btw: btw inbegrepen


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